Thursday, 4 April 2013

Lumps for Lovin' CD

With Lumps - Lumps for Lovin' CD
Silkscreen cover
Fritz Welch - drums / percussion / amplifier / voice / electronics
Neil Davidson - guitar / amplifier

Named after a mishearing of the lyrics to Got to Have Loving by Don Ray, Lumps for Lovin' is three parts studio recording from 2011 and one part live performance from Manchester 2012. Documenting the duo amidst collaborations with Helhesten, Maya Dunietz and Liene Rozite (Muris) the recordings presented here fuse thick blustering mayhem with a precision normally associated with micro house, adumbrated by just a hint of adolescent breathlessness. This surprisingly danceable record synthesises noise and acoustic improvisation into a gurgling diaspora of juice.
Credits John Cavanagh for super recording and mixing skills, Kelly and Pascal for hosting the concert that became track four. 

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